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I'm Paul, and I've been a professional commercial photographer for over 20 years.

I've seen Ireland's business landscape shift and change beyond recognition and back a few times. Through it all, I've seen the immense power, potential, and responsibility photography carries for a company. It's compelling stuff, and I feel fortunate to pick up my camera and go to work every day.

Working together: expert advice, imaginative decision-making, and extraordinary attention to detail

I work with businesses of all sizes, from exclusive boutique brands to multinational industrial companies. Big or small, my philosophy is the same: effective commercial photography always begins with crystal clarity of message. There's no point in going near a camera until we fully understand what we want these photographs to say about your business.

The brief is everything. In our briefing meeting and consultations, I'll take the time to draw out your brand's singular story and goals and help you develop detailed strategies to visually illustrate your core values. From ideas and concepts to specific shot lists, locations, and styling advice, this is a creative collaboration and a very enjoyable process for all of us. It is incredibly rewarding when clients begin to see the possibilities. It's even more exciting when they begin to see their own business in a new light.

My approach unites a distinct artistic eye with strategic marketing knowledge. The instincts and skills honed over decades of experience in commercial photography allow me to bring strong creative direction and imaginative decision-making to every shoot. As I begin each project, there's a peculiar sensation of locking-in, when the rest of the world disappears and my focus narrows to a single moment, a single message. It's always an honour to be trusted with a brand's image. This is the face they show to the world, and that means every shot has the importance and intimacy of a portrait.

Keeping it current: commercial photography that moves with the times

Today's commercial photography must work harder than ever. I have a keen understanding of how my clients intend to use these images across various communications platforms and how each shot will contribute to the entirety of the campaign. Providing a wide range of shots and a diverse selection of viewpoints allows graphic designers to achieve the precise look and feel required for each project, be it online or in print.

In this environment, there's no standing still. Forward-thinking adoption of digital imaging technology, investing in the best cameras and lenses, and training in the most up-to-date software and techniques all help me to enhance and optimise the images for their intended use. Always learning, always updating, always exploring the different possibilities of new techniques and developing my own. It keeps the work fresh, for me and for the clients I serve.




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